The Face of Cassia

Culinary Academy: Back to the Basics

At Cassia, we know it is important to invest in our staff’s professional growth. We understand that continuing education is essential for all members of our staff, including our talented cooks.

Recently, we hosted a Culinary Academy initiative called “Back to the Basics.” This program aimed to enhance the skills of our talented cooks and foster a spirit of innovation and excellence. Cooks from 13 of our communities joined the journey to enhance their culinary skills. The enthusiasm and participation from these communities set the stage for an incredible learning experience.

Those communities included:

Top-Notch Training

To ensure a successful program, we collaborated with professionals at PDN Consulting and US Foods. Together we brought forth an education series specifically designed for our newer cooks and servers with an interest in advancing their roles. Through hands-on demonstrations, participants learned essential skills in staging, time management and revisited proper food preservation techniques.

Thanks to the generous support of US Foods, our classes took place in their demo kitchen, providing an exceptional learning environment. The collaboration with their team provided an exceptional learning environment. It also fostered a spirit of innovation and excellence among our participants.

Delicious Discoveries

Participants had the chance to learn the best ways to cook a variety of popular dishes. They gained a deep understanding of preferred cooking methods and showcased their skills through hands-on cooking and plating demonstrations. They improved their time management skills by using prep and pull lists. Additionally, they reviewed the best ways to reheat and preserve food to ensure the highest quality.  

Fresh and Flavorful Fare

Emphasizing speed scratch cooking, our program empowered cooks to prepare meals quickly without compromising on taste or quality. Featured dishes included mouthwatering delights like overnight blueberry French toast and omelets with homemade savory whipped cream cheese.

Rave Reviews

Our staff wholeheartedly embraced the training program. They returned to their respective communities feeling energized and enthusiastic to share their newfound knowledge with the rest of the team.

Lisa, Director of Food & Nutrition Services at Apple Valley Village Health Care Center, said this was a great training for cooks of all experiences.

“This class was well-rounded for any person’s skillset,” she said. “It was an enjoyable experience to get re-schooled on some of the basics.”

Ken, Executive Chef at Park View, echoed similar sentiments, praising the quality of the class, instructors and practical takeaways. He said the person who attended came back invigorated to bring what she learned to the rest of the staff.

Larry, a cook at Chapel View, said he was grateful for the opportunity to learn new things and interact with professionals from other communities.  

“It was fun, informative and exciting to learn new things and meet people from other facilities. I would do it again if provided the chance,” he said “This is a good thing and should reach a larger amount of people.”

Commitment to Culinary Excellence

The success of our training reflects our commitment to fostering growth and collaboration within our Cassia community. It also underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional culinary experiences to our residents.

We take immense pride in our staff’s achievements, confident that their enhanced skills and knowledge will contribute to the continued excellence of our culinary offerings.